Monday, January 30, 2017

Get Ready Valentine's Day Will Be Here Soon!

Two weeks from now  we will have arrived at Valentine’s Day 2017, the busiest flower day of the year for florists and lovers alike! To help you navigate the craziness that this holiday brings let me point out a few things that, if followed, may allow you to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you got it right and most importantly ahead of schedule.

Buy from a LOCAL florist – most of you at some point will have already had a bad experience with the super cheap online so called florists(we call them wire services) that send your flowers out in a box!  Who wants to put together their own arrangement, or have poor design quality and ZERO customer service. 

A local florist not only cares about their reputation, but, their business and will be around in the future – and they WILL care about you as a client! We want you as a client, now and in the future and for many holidays to come. 

Order Now!!! It saves you time and money!

Schedule your Delivery on Feb 10th, 11th or 12th & receive 15% OFF your Purchase of $44.95 or more.

Exp 02/11/17
(Valid at time of Purchase only and not valid with any other offers.)

This is a great offer for early delivery.  Leaving it to the last minute creates stress all the way around. 

Also if you wait to long to order last minute you might not get what you had in mind.  The last few day's leading up to Valentines Day many florist will actually sell out of Popular items.  

If you know you want to send something, Don't wait do it now & Save!!

This day is about the flowers, the luscious truffles, the chocolate covered strawberries, the fragrances, the balloons and don’t forget the cute and cuddly animals. Order the flowers and whatever else she wants and you will score the points!