Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Black Eyed Susans Growing Guide

Black Eyed Susan's are native to North America and on of the most popular Wild flowers grown, not to mention they are Maryland's State Flower.

Members of the Sunflower family the " Black Eye" is named for the dark brown/purple centers of it's daisy like flower heads.

These plants can grow to over 3 feet tall, with leaves of 6 inches and stalks over 8 inches long and flower diameter of 2-3 inches.  They bloom from the months of June to October.

Butterflies, Bees and a variety of insects are attracted to this flower for the nectar.

The Black Eyed Susan can be a territorial flower and tend to squash out other flowers growing near them.

Planting period for them Is March to May, and the flowers will start to bloom from June to September.  The germination takes 7-30 days usually.

Plant the seed in a moist, well drained soil.  These hearty flowers really enjoy the sun.  They prefer full sun, though they'll grow in partial sun.

It's best to plant seeds in fertile soil, and check the plants regularly to see if they need watering.  Make sure they don't dry out.

Be sure to remove faded/ dead flowers to prolong blooming.

You won't be disappointed with your choice on  this flower once you see it in full bloom!!

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