Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Easy Ways to Keep Flowers Alive Longer

You can extend the life of your flowers for 3,5, or even 7 days with some of these easy steps.

  1. Trim the stems when you get home and every day after.  First thing you should do when you get home with your flowers is trim the stems.  You can cut as much as you need to make them a nice height in your vase.  Repeat this step for as many days as you keep the flowers!
  2. Change the water every day.  Best practice is to dump out that old water and put in fresh, clean water every day.
  3. Rinse the vase, and stems.  This helps wash away any leftover "gunk" on that dirty rim around the vase where the water sits.  Run the flower stems under fresh water to eliminate any additional bacteria.
  4. Avoid extreme temperatures.  Just like humans, flowers aren't happy if they get too cold or too hot.  Avoid putting your flowers in direct contact with the fan, cold air conditioners or near a drafty door on cold winter days.  Also avoid putting your flowers near overly warm places, such as on or near a heater or in direct sunlight in windows.