Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Guess which day set the record for most flowers sold in the US

Fun bit of information and trivia for flower lovers written by Business Insider I thought you might like.

August 17th, 1977 the day after "The King of Rock and Roll" died, set the record for most flowers sold in the US on a single day.

According to then- Associated Press reporter Mark Knoller, who covered Elvis Presley's funeral in Memphis, the grounds of the Forest Hill Cemetery were a "sea of flowers."

"I remember a spokesperson for FTD, the flowers by wire service, telling us they had more orders that day for Elvis than ever before in their history,: Knoller later wrote for CBS News. " We were told 3,116 floral arrangements had been delivered."

By that afternoon, Memphis ran out of flowers and scrambled to get additional flowers shipped in form around the nation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Great Places to See America's Official State Flower

I came across this article that MSN.com originally wrote about and thought is was nice to pass the information on to others.

Where can we go to find and see some of our nations state flowers? 

Each state in America has a official state flower.  here are some places in a few of our great states you can visit to see these blooms.

Lets start with Alabama- State flowers is the Japanese Camellias. You can visit Birmingham Botanical gardens in early spring to see this beautiful bloom.

California- The State flower is Poppy.  Visit Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in peak spring season.

Delaware- State flower is the Peach Blossoms. Delaware used to be a major peach producing state until the early 1900's.  Check out a few Orchards left One is Bennett Orchards, another is T.S. Smith & Sons or Fifer Orchard.   You can see these blossoms in early spring.

Maryland- State flower is the Black Eyed Susan. 
St. Clements Island State Park is a great location to see Black Eyed Susan Flowers. 
These popular yellow beauties are also used in the traditions of the Preakness Stakes, a major horse ace held at Pimilico Race Track in Baltimore.