Monday, March 23, 2015

Plants That Grow Well with Veggies

Flowers growing among the veggies are more than just a colorful addition.  They attract insects to fertilize the flowers of Beans, Peas, and tomatoes.

In some cases they may act as a decoy or a repellent to harmful insects such as Aphids.  Some are beneficial as well and attract predatory insects such as ladybugs ,wasps and hoverflies.
These are particular useful in controlling pests naturally without your intervention.

 - The Marigold, its looks right at home in the vegetable garden. 
Bees and other pollinators will visit for the nectar and pollen.  Grow single flowered variaties and allow it to seed itself.
It's a hardy annual so it will pop up year after year in most soils and give great accent color in garden.

-  Daisies are highly attractive to bees, butterflies, hoverflies and wasps.

-Clover is a legum, in other words it is in the same family as peas and beans.  This means it has nodules on its roots which contain nitrogen fixing bacteria.

These fix atmospheric nitrogen providing food for the plant.  Used as a green manure or if the roots are left in the ground it feeds the soil.
Clover is widely used in organic farming.

Red Clover looks great and it prevalence as the nectar source for honey is a testament to its attraction to pollinators.