Monday, November 17, 2014

Flower Arrangement Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you got them from you local florist or Garden Center or even your local Market,make sure you give your flowers the attention they deserve.  In the end you will enjoy them for much longer than you thought.

First, make sure you put your flower in water ASAP.  Don't just lay them on the counter and think they will stay alive for hours without water.  They need water to stay alive.  Just like us humans they will dehydrate. 

Second, make sure you remove the leaves at the bottom of the stems of flowers so they don't fall beneath the water line.  Reason for this is bacteria will build up that can prevent water form traveling up the stem to hydrate the flowers.  This will kill the flowers fast.

Third, don't forget to put that package of flower food that comes with the bouquet of flowers in the water.  It's there for a reason!  If you didn't receive it put a crushed  aspirin in the water this will also help the longevity of your flowers.