Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Ceremony Set Up

When you arrive at a wedding usually it is the  old same set up.  You either sit on the right or left , and have the same Altar decorations beside you. This can get boring and so predictable.
Here are a few images of different ways to set weddings that your guest will remember. 

This image the Altar Background is a large Runner with hand Calligraphy of  the couples wedding vows.  It brings a more intimate feel to the room and personalizes it to the bride and groom. 
  Ceremony in a Round.

The circle has symbolized Unity and Eternity at weddings.  Why not do your wedding ceremony in a Round.  This makes a perfect fit for a wedding ceremony. 
A round seating set up will be totally unexpected and different.  No one should have a problem getting that perfect photo of the bride and groom exchanging wedding vows, and no more sitting 10 rows away usually there is only 5-6 at the most depending on the amount of guest.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Visions of Spring

Can everyone agree this winter feels like it is never going to leave?

We are counting the days till Spring finally arrives . 

Here are a few signs we know Spring is on it's way...

  • Baseball Spring Training-those lucky baseball players have been practicing in sunny Florida.
  • Sunlight-Daylight Savings time is on it way.
  • Weddings-lots of Spring weddings to look forward to.
  • Spring Break- the kids made out great this year with all those snow days and then spring break.
  • Proms- It' corsage time soon!  How much fun! Hahaha...

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!!!