Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flowers Today, Fireworks Tonight!

Valentine's Day is the day you can express your passion and love for your loved one and sending Flowers is one of the most popular ways to do so.

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Every year lovers use flowers as the medium to convey their feelings for their Valentine. Of all the flowers used on a Valentine's Day most commonly used Valentine's Day flower is the red Rose as this flower is traditionally recognized as the symbol of love and passion. A single perfect red rose clubbed with Baby's Breath flower is considered to a “signature rose” by the florists and is the most sought after flower of Valentine's Day.

Meaning of Different Colors of Roses
Rose of different colors symbolizes different emotions and feelings. One therefore needs to be careful while presenting a rose to loved one:
Red Roses - Love and passion
White Roses - True love, purity of the mind and reverence
Yellow Roses - Friendship, celebration and joy
Pink Roses - Friendship or Sweetheart, admiration
Peach Roses - Desire and excitement or appreciation
Lilac Roses - Love at first sight and enchantment
Coral Roses - Desire
Orange Roses - Enthusiasm and desire
Black Roses - Farewell or "It's Over"